About Taylor Whichard

Taylor Whichard was born and raised in Sugar Land, Texas to a family that was very involved in giving back to their community. Being raised in the Lone Star State, Taylor was quickly instilled with Texas values; the Right to Life, the Right to Bear Arms, Respect for Law Enforcement, and more common sense values. These American values and principles are what made Taylor the America-First Conservative he is today.
After high school, Taylor went to Texas Tech University where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering. With a degree from Texas Tech, Taylor worked for several oil and gas companies as a Drilling Engineer, multi-rig drilling programs for onshore operations, deep-water offshore rigs with multi-million dollar budgets, Taylor has known the oil business and the vital importance that Texas Energy has on our state and our nation.
Later in life, Taylor moved to the City of Willis and became the Director of Public Works, where he serves the People of Texas by facing the challenges of aging infrastructure, rapid growth, and solving complex problems. As an Engineer, Taylor identifies problems, executes solutions, and delivers results. It was in this role that Taylor fell in love with being a public servant, but he knew he could do more. The original public servants, our Founding Fathers, knew that the greatest form of service was found in defending our God-Given rights from tyrants and those who would serve their cause. As a husband, father of three children, and relentless Patriot, Taylor felt called to bring his public service to the next level by running to serve as our next Congressman.
As your America-First Conservative Congressman, Taylor will:
  • Defend our Constitutional Rights
  • Protect Texas Energy
  • Advance Texas Values
  • Lower Federal Spending
  • Fight for the Unborn
  • Secure the Border

“We need an America-First Conservative who has defended our President Donald J. Trump’s agenda, and who will continue to FIGHT for it in DC!”